Locust Grove  3358 West Main Belleville, PA


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Cael Lucas Metzler4.jpg Micah Lee Mathews4.jpg Lynch Justin Byler4.jpg Brooke Deanna Yoder4.jpg Jonas Trevor Weaver4.jpg Hayden Paul Yoder4.jpg Audrey Lorraine Foote4.jpg
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New Babies!!

It's an exciting time here at Locust Grove with the arrival of many new babies to our church family! We welcome Cael Lucas Metzler, Micah Lee Mathews, Lynch Justin Byler, Brooke Deanna Yoder, Jonas Trevor Weaver, Hayden Paul Yoder, & Audrey Lorraine Foote!

Children's Ministries

There are many fun activities happening for the kids this summer! Please check out our new Children's Ministries page to learn more information and to register!

Sunday School

We would love for you to be a part of our Sunday School experience! We have classes for all ages, from two year old children through senior adults. We spend time studying the Bible, sharing needs, praying for each other, and encouraging one another!