Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The Mission Team is focused on impacting individuals around the world who do not yet know Jesus so they can have the opportunity to hear the good news and have the choice to embrace the truth of God’s word through a relationship with Jesus the Messiah.  The Mission Team seeks God’s direction in effectively utilizing financial resources within LGMC to accomplish this purpose.  A big part of this involves regular communication with the missionaries LGMC supports.  The Mission Team also continually seeks opportunities for LGMC to engage in our local community, our country, and around the world through short term group trips and long term individual or group appointments to the mission field, both near and far.

Missions Personnel

Sheldon & Cindy Sharp - Send Intl

Teselan, Yukon, Canada

Rick & Anji Zook - New Tribes Missions

Papua New Guinea

Phil & Maretta Barr - Rosedale International


Dion & Naty Peachey - Frontier Ventures

South America

Alin & Gaby Ciorogar - Ywam

Cluj, Romania

Rosedale INternational

Nicholas Largaespada & Via Lois Orozco - Special Project


Greg & Sharon Kanagy - Gator Wilderness camp School

Punta Gorda, Florida, USA

Bob Plank - Minister of Evangelism

Central PA

Francis and Leah Deytec - Medical Missions


Roger and Lana Deed - Ethnos 360

Waukesch, Wisconson, USA